IBEW Local 325

Electrical Workers, Binghamton, NY
PHONE: (607) 729-6171

About Us

It is a primary goal of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (I.B.E.W.), Local 325, to enhance the quality of life of its members. Whether a member needs specific assistance or general information, chances are we can help. Skill development, education, safety programs, pension investments and other important services can be tapped easily within our Local.

Electricians of Local 325

Local 325 represents nearly 500 hard-working men and women in these five counties:

Broome: Entire County- All Townships

Chenango: Townships of Afton, Bainbridge, Coventry, German, Greene, Guilford, Lincklaen, McDonough, North Norwich, Norwich, Ostelic, Oxford, Pharslia, Pitcher, Plymouth, Preston, Smithville, and Smyrna.

Delaware: Townships of Davenport, Delhi, Deposit, Franklin, Hamden, Masonville, Meredith, Sidney, Tompkins, Walton, and that portion of Colchester and Hancock north of the East Branch of the Delaware River.

Otsego: Townships of Butternuts, Harwick, Laurens, Maryland, Milford, Morris, Oneonta, Otego, Unadilla and Westford.

Tioga: Township of Berkshire, Newark Valley, Owego, Richford and Tioga.

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Many changes have occurred over the years in Local 325, but there remains a firm resolve to provide our contractors with the highest quality of skilled and trained electricians, apprentices and technicians in the industry. The Local offers all of its electricians ongoing, continuous training, and we pride ourselves on the our ability to keep our Apprentices and Journeyman Wireman up to date and knowledgeable on the latest technologies and work processes.

The heart of our training is our Joint Apprenticeship and Training Program (JATC). It is a regimented training program that assures competency in the standardized skills needed to be an electrician. Upon the completion of the program, our apprentices go to work armed with the skills that have, by that time, become second nature to them.

A Short History of Local #325 [click here]


Who Is IBEW?

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is an organization made up of nearly one million men and women just like you -- engaged in every type of employment. Their needs and goals are the same as yours; however, they have personal strength and human dignity that come from belonging to a world-respected labor organization which helps its members to better their lives.

IBEW members stand united in local unions in all 50 of the Unites States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Republic of Panama, Virgin Islands, and the Pacific Islands. Our members make up the following career fields:

  • Utility systems
  • Communication systems
  • Inside and outside Construction and Maintenance
  • Financial Industries
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Railroad
  • and Government


The growth of our great modern industrial economy is directly related to the growth of electronics and to the use of electrical energy. Thus, IBEW members are an essential part of this progress: "Electricity and the IBEW equals Progress and Prosperity."

The IBEW provides imaginative, responsible leadership and has an outstanding reputation for being a progressive union. It is an important member of the AFL-CIO family of unions. IBEW has constantly and consistently worked through the years to better the wages and working conditions of its members and to create a society in which social justice and human dignity are a reality to all citizens. IBEW protects members by insisting upon realistic safety standards, and opportunities for training and skills improvement which results in increased job security and higher wages. In addition, the IBEW maintains an interest in its members beyond their active working years. It offers special assistance in negotiating local pension plans.

There are many other reasons why the IBEW is one of the AFL-CIO's largest and fastest growing unions. These include an organization and an experienced staff for negotiating the best possible collective bargaining agreements, numerous labor education programs specially suited to members' needs, and the IBEW Founders' Scholarship program for providing qualified members with the opportunity for a college education.

The IBEW is people: young and old, of every race, nationality and creed, bonded together in the common conviction that collective actions succeeds in attaining mutually agreed upon goals - whereas individuals are at the mercy of forces beyond their control.


IBEW Activities

Many IBEW officers and staff members serve for the betterment, enrichment and protection of this continent by serving on government committees in the United States and Canada.

The Brotherhood is a leader in safety matters and plays an active role in the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), National Safety Council (NSC), and Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) on issues in the United States and Canada.

The IBEW and its members work cooperatively with youth organizations and support the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America and the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America.

IBEW members support and contribute generously of their time and money to international, national and local charitable, educational, health and relief causes.

The IBEW annually offers its members a maximum of 12 scholarships for university study leading to a bachelor's degree in a wide range of fields. Many local unions also award scholarships to their members or their members' children.

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Become a Member

If you are an experienced electrician and would like to know more about career development and other benefits of union membership, you are invited to contact us by mail, phone, fax or email. Click here for contact information.

If you are new to the electrical industry and you are interested in working in the electrical industry and you are a high school graduate (or have a GED) then we invite you to contact us to find out how you can receive the classroom and job training you need to become an IBEW certified electrician. Click here for contact information.



Every workplace has conflicts. Whether it's low salaries, poor benefits, or concern about working conditions. In most places today, workers have come to accept these problems as part of the requirements of having their job.

In a unionized workplace, employees have a collective bargaining agreement that spells out the wages, benefits, and working conditions for all union employees in that organization who are covered by the contract. It also provides a “grievance and arbitration procedure,” for settling disputes between workers and management. The grievance procedure helps members get a fair hearing when they have complaints or disputes about their working conditions.

With a union, workers become stronger. The larger the number of union workers who organize, the more strength they are able to gain in seeking fairness no matter what conditions they encounter at work.

If you would like more information on organizing a union, or becoming a member, please feel free to contact us directly at (607) 729-6171.