IBEW Local 325

Electrical Workers, Binghamton, NY


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1)    All Applicants for employment within the jurisdiction of IBEW Local Union 325, must register in person at the referral office located at 142 Corporate Drive, Binghamton, NY 13904 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM on normal workdays (3:30 PM on Fridays) ,

2)    Initial sign-in will require a signed letter of introduction from their home Local Business Manager or a current layoff slip.

3)    Normal dispatch hours shall be between the hours of 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM on a normal workday. It is the responsibility of each registrant to make themselves available to receive job assignments during these hours. Job assignments will be made by telephone from the Business Manager or his Designee.

4)    Since it is the Business Manager's responsibility to fill man-power requests in a timely manner as needed by employers, in an emergency, requests will be filled outside of normal dispatch hours by whatever means necessary to fulfill this obligation

5)    Registrants will be allowed two turndowns without penalty and be rolled completely off the book for a third turndown. They must re-register in person after being rolled off.

6)    Being unavailable for referral when work would have been offered to the registrant shall be considered a turndown [The inability to contact a registrant will be considered a turndown ]. Rejection of the applicant by an employer is not a turndown.

7)    The following system shall be utilized for dispatching referrals. A Telephone – Referral agent call registrants to fill jobs.

8)    All registrants must re-sign on a monthly basis, beginning on the 10 th of the Month and ending on the 16 th of the month. Any registrant that fails to reregister on a timely basis for any reason will be removed from the appropriate “available for work “ list and be required to register as a new applicant if they so choose.

9)    Re-sign may be accomplished by any of the following means: in person, U.S. Mail, fax, or e-mail.

10)   Re-sign will require the following information Name, Address, Home Local # and IBEW card # if no card number Driver’s license or government approved ID. It is the responsibility of each registrant to keep his/her contact information current

11)   Any applicant who is referred for work and works seven days or less and is terminated through no fault of their own, upon re-registration in person at that time shall be restored to their appropriate place within their group.

12)   Discharge for Cause -- An individual who receives two discharges for cause with-in a twelve month period will be suspended from future referral privileges until they appear before the Appeals Committee for a determination as to their continued eligibility for referral.


I have read, understand and have received a copy of the IBEW Local Union 325 referral policy stated above. I agree to abide by its conditions as stated from this day forward until such time it is modified or replaced by the Business Manager of IBEW Local Union 325. The IBEW Local Union 325 "Registration Form" shall be considered as part of the referral policy.


Submitting Resign...

In order to be considered a timely and valid Resign, this form must be RECEIVED at the Hall beginning on the 10th and ending on the 16th of the month. Applicants submitting late Resigns will be removed from the "Available for Work" list.

Information to be included on Resign is:

        1.       Name; last, first (PLEASE USE LAST NAME THEN FIRST NAME)
        2 .      Home Local Union Number and IBEW card number
        3.      Any change in home address ( IF DIFFERENT FROM ORIGINAL SIGN)
        4.      Date


Resign -- ONLINE
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FAX your information
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FAX your Resign --
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MAIL your Resign --

IBEW Local 325 Referral
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